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hello all, i am currently haveing a problem with key bindings with my g7. I run xp under a limited account and heres what i have tried so far,

I have run steam under "other credentials" with no affect. Running DoD off the desktop icon doesnt work either, gives error. I have disabled simple shareing and gave my limited account FULL access to the steam folder and sub folders but doesnt work. I know i can just log into my admin account just for DoD but then it defeats the purpose of actually useing a limited account. With so many holes in xp (remote registry editor?? wtf Bill!!!) id rather not have to use admin.

any advice would be greatly appreciated :)
well, I have to use a limited account because my dad is a security freak. I have no problem with running DoD:S from steam. I haven't even tried getting it on the desktop because I have so freaking much stuff on there that it is already too crowded. All I had to do was to get on the admin account and give my account full access to the Steam folder and all subfolders... I don't know what your problem is, I might be able to help some more if I could talk to you on an IM of some sort, I don't have Xfire, ( don't have admin) but I will PM you my AIM screen name if you want...

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