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I made one post
that u guys are starting a new recritment plan but common ive been in ur server forever. and i was told i was gonna be in ego soon. but still nothing yet. im trying to undersatnd how people make it b4 me wen infact im in the server 24/ blaaaaaaaaaa. just plz tell me wen !ill ~:( %-6 !amazed :)
I don't want to over step my boundary here and tell you what they're thinking or doing, but there might be some other factors involved. Something that I can see is you've only been a part of the forum for 4 days, not all that long of a time actually. Just be patient, show your good points in the server/forums and I'm sure they'll get around to it.
well you got cool points from me for the cute Kitty Avatar. I love kitties.
we might have to get to kno u a bit more and see ur personality, so just be a little more patient.. im sure theyre discussing it right now
I'm not ego, I was just saying one of the things I thought it could have been. Don't take anything in my post as words of the admins. The mention of other factors would be speculation on my part, so I won't say anything else.
Patience is the key to the Light Side of the Force. That side is boring.... USE YOUR ANGER AND SERVE THE POWER OF THE DARK SIDE.

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