Maybe I am just venting


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Maybe I am just venting, but I was playing on Donner. I had been switching back and forth on the teams to try and keep them even. I was on axis saw sniper was open and got it. Was then told by Lance that people have been waiting for sniper and that I should give it up and wait in line like they had been doing.
Never before have I seen that on the EGO server. I gave it up and Wa got it. When he got done Lance got it like he said since he was next in line behind Wa. I kept playing for almost a hour after that incident and just played but I do not feel it is right that I was asked to give it up. I feel that I was asked b/c I had just jumped over there from the ally's side.
Maybe I am wrong. Maybe I am just having a bad day. I mean no disrespect of any kind from what I am writing. Just would like to clarify on this situation if it comes up again. If I am wrong I am sorry. But I dont see how I could be.
well how would you feel if you were waiting for sniper, and someone else got it, doesnt feel good, just saying, not trying to make you feel bad
yeah, happens quite often actually. You get people in there that see you ask if you can have sniper, and the other says yes, so they know it will be open and take it. i wanna slap them
Ok thank you for that guys. I just did not know know what to do and I did not want to have to leave this clan. This is a good clan and they are greater servers. Than kyou for everything you guys wrote.
I get that always :( I have been waiting for the sniper for an hour and someone asks who wants sniper? I say yes first and he says ok, but when I go to take it, someone else has alredy :) But it's ok for me since I am not that good at snipers now that I keep on lagging.
i guess the sniper is just a trick of luck. who ever gets it first deserves to get it, regardless who is waiting. like i kno how u feel, it can take hours to get the sniper
wait you said lance said that, hmmmm this is very confusing eGOs not agreeing! i have never seen this, and what no one likes the rocket or mg, no only snipers lol
It is hard to give a person a weapon. I usually like mg and have never yet asked for it. I just use one weapon - generally ironsights or sniper - and occasionally flip back to the weapons selection screen. If it is open, I select it. This stuff about begging / threatening / hassling for a weapon, or trying to reserve one seldom works and usually causes friction in the game.

New people on the server may select it on log on to the server and not know someone has dibs, or someone may not pay attention to text and not know someone has "reserved it" but dibs doesn't really work. The system here is like a free market economy. Whomever gets it first owns it until they finish their session or opt to get another when it is free.

For dibs to work, the software has to be changed to include a priority list, where ppl can reserve a weapon; i.e. click on it on the selection screen and it notifies or assigns you the weapon when it is your turn on the reservation queue.

Until that happens, he who selects it, owns it.
I love Rocket and Mg, sitting at the bottom of tank house killing coldsaw and trihard!!! Nothing better. But yeah i can see how its irritating to wait for a sniper. I believe that if someone has it and is not doing to well with it for a long time then its time to give it up. Although the only way to get better is to keep at it!!