webpage freezing

ever since the threads were extended so u dont have to keep going through the pages, my whole internet explorer keeps freezing. i can still do other stuff on my comp, its jus internet explorer (i jus go to task manager and end the process). i think ther is like to much info on the thread or somthing like that, but im not much of a tech person so idk. i was wondering if ther was anyway of fixing this.
mine kinda does the same thing...but i just have to wait like a minute or two then it loads up but at first id go to windows task manager and end the program till i realized i just needed to give it some time to load
yeah i have noticed quite a bit of page lag myself. Especially on the larger threads. It can be annoying sometimes.

It doesnt take quite as long for me to load a page as you guys say it does but its still takes me about 20 seconds to load most forum pages...
One of your former members (Houston, a finn who got me to join this clan) had problems viewing site in IE, so IE may cause lag and problems while viewing site, for him it was so bad, he couldn't visit any internet site.
im using firefox and sometimes it takes a few minutes for me to load a page. this seems to happen rarely but when it does i just exit out of firefox go do something for a while then when i come back works perfectly.