Playing DoD in a Window


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If you play dod in a window, you can have teamspeak or anything else running and visible in the background:

[link=] [/link]

To run in a window, From your DoD main screen, select OPTIONS; VIDEO; select Display Mode = Run in a window

I run teamspeak on the side and usually have an email client as well.


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or a better idea, get dual moniters like me and u can run dod fullscreen on one moniter then you have another monither to run watever the heck you want on :)


i would have to go w/ the dual monitor idea but if you cant do that running it in a window works just as good. but for ts you know you can download the overlay it works reall good i like it.


The duel-montiers is nice but I don't have the money for that...let alone 1 good moniter, lol (only 1 19" Lcd). But running DoD:S is a good idea, never really looked into it. Thanks!


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so thats how you guys do it


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they use thier magic

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that's the way I play since I got the game so I can use other stuff and change music+... and those kinda stuff but another tip: my resolution is 1440*900 game res is:1280:900 so you can see the other programs...