sgt. macaroni its my birthday and i really want to join the clan

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hey guys i want in this clan so badly becuase you guys are so nice and supportive and good players all in have a good gaming community going here. I am a good player i never brake the rules and i am very supportive to others an i also try to inforce them whenn admin are not on... so if you would except me you dont even know how happy i well be so plz put me in to you'reacceptions and let me join if you like me ty :D :D :D :D :) :) :p


Hey mac Im not really In the clan right now I guess but I have played you on the server and think you would make a great addition the the EGO gameing community.

Commissar Frank

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Never played against you and im not entirely sure why im commenting about it. Oh ya, its a great propaganda attempt for the Dark Side. JOIN THE DARK SIDE!!! ULTIMATE POWER IS AT HAND, and one more thing:

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