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Ok this may sound fruity, but im in a fruity kind of mood. Over the last month i have been part of Ego and all i have been shown is warmth and hospitality. Its strange that such a diverse group of ppl (age, location, ethnicity) can come together and have fun. I see all of you guys as friends, and i dont even no most of ur fist names. To me
=(eGO)= isnt just a clan, its a family. I appritiate all of the love i have gotten here in eGO. well the fruitiness is over, go away and shoot some ppl in rhe grion.
I have to agree with you on that BabyFace, eGO is really much more than a clan; everybody here talks to each other, gets to know the people in the clan and has a good time shooting each other all at the same time.

Bane, I like tea too!
I feel the same way...this is the only clan I have ever been on that came together and all got along so well. I'm glad I joined eGO. ^^
i like tea


Bane im starting to think you are a spamer... like i used to be which was long time ago which i was immature which was when i was a noob jk bane !lol and i have never had tea %-6
wow u didnt know bane was a spammer. if anything hes the king :D. anyway yea i agree 100 % with wut u said. i wish i was fruity enough to post this lol :p jk
Thanks for the kind words Babyface. We've got a great bunch here.

I love PG Tips (for my UK friends).

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