[poll] The "E" Button


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I just want to know if you ever use the "E" button if u see a nade. Most of the time, there are some runners who just run away on an unprimed nade and i am like, just pick it up and toss it back, it works. And there are also other players who use it like Birbird Especially when he's in his little snipers hut on right alley ALlies Side.

I use the "E" button on any nade (except team nades) cuz i rather kill myself and protect my team, then run away like a sissy and have some1 else get hury (from my team)
I use it and then if it blows up in my hand I turn it around and make a witty comment about how I refuse to give them the kill and kill myself instead.
A man who has a thousand nades and end ends up with not even one to spare , when he has an enemy he will be naded from everywhere!!!

...I reworded your sig text a bit....couldn't resist :p
yea i blow myself up all the time when i pick em up, or like i throw and the fuse has like .5 sec left and then it explodes
Id say that nades are my favorite thing other than my rifle. As Striker said, when I am in my window I throw dozens of grenades back every time i play. Its the best and its so satisfying when you get a throwback kill.
I don't use the 'e' button, since I have changed it to something else. So I voted I don't (to 'e' button) But I pick up some nades.
If its rifle grenade, I pick it up and throw it back because I know I got some time, but if its just regular pineapple grenade or potato masher, I know its primed so I run the other directions and prone
umm so yeah, i run. lol

What a wuss. Throw some back lol
Run. Fast. Far. Very far. *BOOM* Gah! Shellshock! No! I see a blur! *Bang!*...great, I've just been shot...

More or less what always happens to me...(so to answer your question, I don't pick them up)
Well i think that you often get more time to spare when the nade att your feet is not a rifle nade. Anytime i pick upp a rifle nade i die :((