[poll] Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan or The Green Mile?

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i said saving private ryan cuz its wwll and theres the storming of the beach and you feel the hardships they had to go through
I'm going to guess that most of the responses will be for Saving Private Ryan - it is after all a war movie and DoD is in fact a war simulation, not a box of chocolates :p
DoD isnt a box of chocolates i thought it was, so i wasnt supposed to eat the stuff inside, so thats why i was sick for a week, lol, that would be cool if DoD was a box of chocolates, chocolates with mini guns shooting each other lol, but still SPR
I voted the Green Mile beacuase John Coffey had to go through so much. It is a death row version of Jesus's hardship except john didnt come back to life. Im 18, a surfer and a body builder, and yet.... i cried.
...getting back on-topic...

I only ever saw Saving Private Ryan, and I thought it was ok. The patriotic scenes were a bit too much for me (I know someone is going to shoot me for saying that).

I think you should have put the Terminal up there, that was one excellent movie.
oh sharpshooter you should see saving private ryan it is great, and go see saints and soldiers that is also a great movie
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