Pc problem

Need help please,a week ago my 6800GT craped out on me and i had to install my old 9800XT to boot up my pc to get some important documents off my pc however i had to install ATI drivers with the current Nvidia ones and i had no time to remove them untill my ATI card died on me to.

Just recently i've just got my pc repaired with a new graphics card (7800GS) and extra memory installed however when i go on any game for more than 10 minutes or so my pc restarts itself to desktop.

I've gotten rid of the old ATI drivers off my pc and installed new Nvidia ones before i played any game and it still does this although it doesn't crash as much as before its still really frustrating me.

My pc is fine temperature wise and i'm sure my memory isn't at fault.

I've updated everything and it still does the same,can anyone help me please?
could be a memory problem too? i've heard of ppl having this problem with memory conflicts. try removing the new memory you installed and see if it still gives you this problem. there's a way to get more indept w/ error logs and such...but i'm not sure on how to get that far. but i'm sure someone will help u!
I doubt it's my PSU since it's a 480 watt Tagan.

Doubt it's my memory too since i've ran some memory tests on MEM test,not to mention that it doesn't crash on ramm intensive games like company of heroes while on other games it does.

I'm sure a solution will present itself.
Looks like it might be my new ram after all,i just ran Prime95 on my ram and it comes back with 1 error.

However it doesn't explain how i can run company of heroes on high settings and it not crashing but it does do with other games.

I'll see how it goes over the next week to see if i need to dump my 512sticks and get 2x1 gig sticks instead when i get paid.

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