eGO clan, lets sign up for Quake War Closed beta! info inside!!

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Quake Wars Beta Test for FPS Clans [Uros "2Lions" Jojic] 05:54 pm EDT @ March 20th, 2007
Active FPS clans rejoyce! id is now accepting applications to beta test Quake Wars, their sweet new MP FPS that all of us here at AT are dying to play (well I know I am, and that's good enough for me).

idSoftware is now accepting applications from active clans for entry into the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Multiplayer Closed Beta. If your team is interested in helping us improve our product, please send an email to [email protected] with all of the required information shown below. Thank you and good luck!

1. Clan name
2. Number of 'active' members
3. Games played regularly
4. Games played competitively
5. Clan website
6. Clan IM details
7. Clan email
I have spoken to the rest council. We are a dod only clan,no thank you. The eGO name will not be use. thread locked.
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