[poll] How Much of a Post Do You Read


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Some posts are one, two or three lines, others may be half a screen or more. How much of them do you actually read
I read the whole thing because I am interested in the clan/family and I like to respond knowing everything that was said :D

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I read the first letter of the first word of the first sentence in the first post xD
Nah, I read it all :)


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if the it looks good i will read it all if not i don't even post


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i think spamers dont read them they just post
it must keep my interest in order for me to read it all. If it is something that concerns me or gameplay or something i will read it but if its a silly thing like who is hotter paris hilton or who ever i normal take a glance... maybe and move on to the more important things

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i read the whole thing cause everyone here is cool and has something cool to say.
plus its better than watching boring tv :)


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Depends? Did Bane write it? :)


Didn't vote. Only because my option wasn't on there. I read the topics that look or sound interesting to me. If there interesting I probably will read the whole thing if there not I'm not going to just plain and simple
Ok, i tend to read everything even if it sounds boring, I don't know why. Maybe I've got too much free time on my hands :p

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if its long enough that i can download a 1mb (~6 minutes :O) file on my 56k and not finish by then i probably stop and move on to another thread / post