So what would i get that would help my computer go from the game to windows screen and back faster. What would help it like load of the screens instead of glitching / taking forever. Would i need like more RAM or More MB of memmory or w.e

ram and memory, same thing.

I would go processor if your motherboard supports it. next to that RAM maybe or video card possibly.
lol my bad i suppose memory and random access memory or w.e would b the same lol my bad. thanks for the advice idk if i wanna like go through a whole bunch of technical things with my processor or w.e i dont really even knoww hat that is. but i have a vid card that im satisfied with so idk... its not a big problem i was just a little curious.
thanks for the advice
USE A WRENCH IT FIXES EVERYTHING!! their are a few things you could do. but it depends on how well u know a comp and how much you want to spend. but for me i know only enough to get my by.