Donner server psychostats?

whoops - I realise limited stats are working , ie: weapon stats.

what about getting player stats up and such? or am I just unable to see them for some whacky reason.
[quote1174694508=Russian Tacoman]
they are working for me... dunno what to say

for the donner server?

I know they work fine for the AVA server, but that's not the one I play on.
still havent gotten an answer...

any idea when they will be updated? I mean the page is in place, is it simply a matter of updating the file for the stats?
le sigh, stating what has been said does nothing to progress the issue.

why are they on hold? and what kinda time frame.. as I asked before.

Just curious.
The cron job which runs is taking down the sql databases. This in turn brings down the website, like last week.

Until the error is found by Stormtrooper of the program itself, they will be down on the Donner server.

There is no time line as to when the problem will be resolved.