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Hey Waffle I didn't see you on Xfire or in the server today? We didn't get to argue about Lindsay vs. Jessica :( man my day wasn't comeplete. Well messge me on Xfire tomorrow if you're on dude Looking foward to talking to yah.
Yeah I have been really busy lately, lots of doctors appointments and stuff. All my friends decided to call me in the last week and ask to hang out sometime... o_O I am like swamped and tomorrow I gotta get my Wisdom Teeth removed so I wont be on much tomorrow either. Pain medication FTL... But my schedule should clear up by Sunday so I am looking forward to being able to play again ^-^
I know how you feel (or will) with the teeth. I've had teeth pulled and I actually need to get my wisdoms out too. They're basically gonna stuff a cotton ball in your mouth for the blood. Have fun :)
That does suck. Getting teeth pulled out, painful. And more importantly (and more painful), no DoD for most of the day....THE HORROR

Hmm, I hear horror stories of teeth being pulled out all the time. When I got my wisdom teeth taken out, it wasn't actually a bad experience. I didn't realize I had already gone under due to the anesthetic until we walked out into the lobby, and I was thinking as I walked outside it's over already(although I did feel a little nauseous? Had 4 teeth pulled(had to crack them because they weren't out and weren't going to come all the way out), and the pain wasn't actually all that bad the following days. Only took the pain medication before I went to bed so I wouldn't wake up due to an ache.

From what I hear, dry socket is actually pretty painful afterwards, so be sure to follow the instructions on how to avoid that.
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