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so ive been wondering what everyone likes in music?
anyone play instruments?
in bands?
i play guitar and i love screamo.


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is that your band in the sig? I hope you arent that little guy in the white because I have this overwhelming urge to drop kick him.

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Can you please take that picture out of your sig? It's gigantic.


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I have this overwhelming urge to drop kick him.


LOL thats a classic quote right there


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I play guitar, not in a band but i still have fun lookin up tabs and trying to sound like some of my favorite bands. Which Include:

Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, Trapt, (older)Nickelback, Chevelle, Crossfade, and third eye blind.
I just started playing the bass and i'm in a band with my friends. I listen to The Offspring and Johnossi
i play drums. not in a band yet but will be soon. and i listen to classic rock/80s metal like:

Led Zeppelin
Moptley Crue
Metallica(up to black album)
Van Halen
I used to be a singer in a few different Goth/Tecno type bands. Now, I just play DoD %-6

I listen to: Trance, Techno, Goth, Ambient, Dark Wave, Industrial, Shoe gazer, Classical, J-Pop, Chinese traditional &; pop, Anything dark and dreary. Depeche Mode, Wong Fei, Cocteau Twins, VnV Nation, Wumpscut, Wolfshiem, Glukoza, Moby, BT, Asobi Seksu, Damien Youth, etc..


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I am a band geek :) and i play Tuba in the high school band and i play the bass drum in the high school indoor drumline (marching in a bball court :( ) i also have two drum sets, one of them is very cheap so i don't play it and i have an electric keyboard. and just to throw it out there my family just bought a new house last year 8)
Gonna be learning to play guitar soon, already know some drumming.

I mostly like metal [Not death metal though, argh.]
Classical Rock [Almost all psychedelic era British bands]
and a couple J-Rock bands

Not a fan of rap but a few of ICPs songs have made me laugh, for some sick reason o_O


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I play the Bass guitar. I use a 4 string, i've been playing for a little over a year. I have a Black Fender p bass, it isn't a Rickenbacker but it does the job. I mostly like metal such as alot of people here. Ex: Metallica (favorite), Iron Maiden, Trivium, lamb of god, Children of Bodom, other rock such as rage against the machine, tool, pennywise, guns n roses, Led zeppelin and all that stuff. but what i really want is this bass



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Lol i played the trumpet for 3 years but quick because my teacher didnt like me one bit, now i just listen to me music :)