Show us your setup....


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Been working recently on getting my perfect setup for gaming/work and i think im getting pretty darn close becasue i added a second shiney new moniter 2day so was just wondering what you guys setups were like?


The current setup is
-2 x Acer 19" widescreen moniters (AL1916Ws)
-Logitech G15 keyboard
-raptor M2 Mouse
-Razer Exact Mat
-Cheap 5.1 speakers running off my motherboard
damn, nice set up baller!
Heres mine complete with a stack of bills, baby einstein dvds, creditcard offers and a back scratcher lol:
Picture 058n.jpg

A view from my usual perspective.

Picture 059n.jpg

My baby.

Picture 060n.jpg

Dilbert an my printer/scanner.

Picture 062n.jpg

Needed to show off my sweet awe-inspiring poster.

Picture 063n.jpg

In case anyone wanted to know how much dual-monitors help, a look at my gaming setup. Notice X-Fire, TeamSpeak, and Gaim all running in the right monitor.
no kidding lol that was huge! thought i would need a widescreen TV or something. Noticed your stick and I just had to include mine. Its the good'ol sidewinder pro forcefeedback 2. Have the original Sidewinder forcefeedback pro but sadly, it doesnt work with windows xp. sucks because they dont make joysticks with shift buttons anymore which doubled the number of programable buttons.

Oh, also a red velvet cupcake and a half a slice of carrot cake and coffe my bebe brought me. Shes frack'n awesome (Col Ty accent)
Yea this is turning into a nice little thread alright! But now i am going to have to go get myself a nice poster (damn you wakka lol)

Keep em comming guys!
2142 sweet, just made lt silver last night. Northern strike does nothing but give out unlocks, its cool. Oh, and get whitecap for your media player.
My set up is lame, and my computer is old. Wakka, ever had a problem with the LEDs dying in your case? Im assuming a cord has just come undone, but im too lazy to actually look at it closely.