mid range video card


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I would highly recomend the Nvidia 7000 series. The ideal card for the best performance and price is the Geforce 7600 GT. I have previously owned a XFX GeForce 7600 GT XXX Edition and absolutley loved it. It runs off a 350w. (which is low) and it is 256MB. And for only $120, and dont know who wouldn't.
Only reason why i sold it was because my friend got a 7900GTX and was stupid enough to put it on a 300w. power supply and it fryed his computer trying to start it. So he just gave it to me, and i gave him the 7600 :)


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i don't know that much about computers but i will learn more next school year :)

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I would recomend you send the money to me, and then I would be in a better position to make a logical choice for you and your daughter. 8)


Yes it did... I have been running ATI for years... looking at the 7600 reviews... looks very good
Thx... Martin/Coldsaw
P.S. As for sending ether of you two money well...
I'll take under advisement
I have an 256mb Nvidia GeForce 7800GT overclocked It was expensive when i got it. About 400$ BUT this is ONe hell of a graphic card