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this is a general ? to anyone that might be able to help. I know in the old dod you were able to bind a key so when you press it it would type something into the chat in the game, not like the voice commands that are preprogramed i know how to do that but i remember being able to hit like 1 and it say "Hi how is everyone doing " for exmaple. i searched google and a few other dod forums but with no luck, any help would be appriciated
bind key "say hi how is everyone doing"

use say for public, and say_team (i think) for team chat.
Yeah I know what you're talking about. I used to have a bunch of binds in Call of Duty: United Offensive. There's a certain code you have to put in, but it's been a while and I forget it :mad:
bind "F1" "say Hi everyone how are you all doing?" If that doesn't work sorry for admin I have chat commands that I use to start off the second quote and I know they work but I don't know how to do regular say or team say if that one doesn't work. like for example, if you have ever seen something appear on middle of screen in big white letters like watch your langauge or whatever I have that binded like so (This is an admin command so dont try it =P)

BIND "F2" "ma_csay Please Watch Your Language"
ok ya i know what your talkign about but ill try the say thing it seems like the say would have to go outside the quotes or just like 'hi everyone' instead of "hi everyone". Ill give it a shot
no. say goes inside the quotes. Binding doesn't recognize spaces unless they're inside quotes, so bind 1 say hi would actually bind the key to the say command and ignore hi.
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