Pretty self explanatory, post your desktops. This is the desktop on my [main] computer.

and then my laptop desktop.. not as organized but I love the painting.



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Here's my set up for now: No icons on desktop so I have them on a taskbar.
here is the one on my desktop, which i already posted with my setup, but what the heck.

This is the one I put on my laptop, so sweet.

And BTW if you havent seen 300 go immediately!!!


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Bought myself a new bike and a wallpaper to match:

*even though mine's a 2007 Night Rod and is Vivid Black, not Denim*


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sweet ride puppets.

bonham, hit the print screen button on your keyboard and open up ms paint.START>Programs>Accessories>Paint. Go to edit or just right click and hit paste. Save the image and upload.


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[quote1175001713=Makaveli the Don]
MasterofPuppets thats a nice bike. Own anything like it / thinking about buying one?


Came off the trailer a week and 1 day ago:

It's funny, as soon as I posted a pic of my Sportster here...... I sold it. :D


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would post mine but i'm in school :)
ill put mine up soon O-o i but ill describe it anyway. MINe is of the sceen schoot i submitted to Dominion to make my signature :p