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Is it me, or are the toys at McDonalds geting cheaper???? I remember when toys didn't break when i was little. No they break after 5 minutes of playing. :(
I miss the old school Mc Donalds toys like the ghostbuster's talking key chain! (ok, that dates me big time....)
OK,,,,,,, 1st question I need to ask is WHY are you getting toys designed for 6 year olds ?????? If you can't afford a REAL meal, for god's sake man, I will send you a couple of dollars for a quarter pounder, large fries, and coke,,,,,, just kidding. I would'nt give any money to my own sister LOL yeah the toys are cheaper because Ray CROC, the cheap dead bastard, left it in his will that the toys would get cheaper in the future because the customers would get stupid-er from eating all of his lowsy high fat, low real food content, fish fillets and imitation burgers. If the original ronald mcdonald were alive today he would take his big size 17 red shoes and stuff it up someone's bum. and while i'm on the subject, does'nt the new ronald dude seam and little light in the loafers if ya know what I mean ???? uh, what was the question again ?? 8)
LOL 1 Adam-12, did you have a bad experience with Ronald McDonald when you were a child? I sense a tad bit of hatred for the McDonalds franchise ;)
do u realy love lamp or are u looking at things and saying u love them ?


man i need to see that movie again its soo funny :D
This is ridiculous; it is the parent's job to ensure their children eat health food. It is very simple to say no, people chose not to because they don't want to deal with a tantrum or don't have the time/desire to cook food or chose a different option.
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