The New Rig


Im working on the finishing touches to my computer. Today I bought 2 more gigs of memory and this bomb all clear case.When Im dont moving the stuff over Ill take some pics and put them up. Heres what the case looks like: is new/CAS-CLRCAS-3LED-N-unit.jpg

And when I get my Taxes back Im getting my second graphics card so I can run my Crossfire. This is what I have right now.
580watt Power Supply
AMD Dual Core 4800+
3Gb Memory
ATI 512mb x1950 Crossfire Edition
DFI Crossfire Edition mobo
Monitor: Gateway 21in 1680x1050 Res and its is HD
Just about got that same case for like $49. Be careful not to crack it while screwing it together. Should need assembly but if not you're in luck. Just check to make sure who ever put it together didnt crack any corners and stuff like that.

Nice rig shanks!
No this one I got doesnt need any assembly. They stoped selling those kind at this store. Now they come all built I just need to put my stuff in it. Thanks this is nice and it cost me some fat cash.
meh you will be able c the dust in it :p


woe! your cpu was $650!? Shanks, dont kill the messenger aight!?

heres a possibility:


please tell me thats the 1950xtx for $500?:

by your prices im guessing you didnt go to newegg, some place local maybe? If youre interested fill that dark spot in your case with one of these:

Hope its not too late to save a few hundred dollars, unless youre big ball'n and it doesnt matter lol. Either way, if you can/want, get a better cpu.
No i got my stuff from newegg.I bought the mobo and the cpu like a year ago. the cpu was more cuz they didnt even have intels dual core when i got my dual core. and that is the graphics card, but mine is crossfire edition and that costs more cuz it is the master of the 2 cards. but im getting that card u showed when i get my taxes back, so i can run 2 cards at once on one monitor. the new thing i added was the case and the 2gb of memory. i started getting the parts last summer so back then the stuff was expensive cuz the card was brand new when i got it. and yes i i am big ball'n cuz i do make some mad money at the place i work. and i really dont do much. no i like my dual core processor, it can run alot of things and now with my new memory its alot faster.
That makes alot of sense shanks, was worried about who was selling a 4400 at that price lol. Are you gonna that zalman with a blue led to match and overclock?

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