How do you play?


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What kind of mouse do you use? Regular old mouse or trackball?

What kind of key set up do you have? Do you use the arrow keys or use the wasd set up?

OR are you just totally cool and you use a joystick?
Yeah I cant see how I could play if I didnt use w-a-s-d. i have a terrible mouse right now, but im looking into getting a nice logitech mouse soon :D
i just use a regular trackball mouse and pretty much all my keys are default w s a d, it seems to work good for me but i wanna get a new laser mouse
I use a wireless optical mouse, and I use the standard WASD keys for most first person shooters, though I can adapt fairly quickly to even the most bizarre keysets [When my left arm was broken, I found a way to play call of duty perfectly entirely with the 10 key.] I don't care for joysticks, but on some games [grand theft auto, oblivion, etc.] I use an xbox 360 controller.
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a pos ball mouse.


I use the basic controls wasd/Laser mouse. The only major difference is for me is that I have my sensitivity set at 20.

What is the sensitivity level for you guys?
optical mouse, wasd keys, space for duck, mouse2 for jump, q for prone, capslock for alt-fire (the reason some of my chat text is upper case).

My rigs getting old (2.7GHz, 1GB Ram, 6800GT), but I still get along. I have Verizon FioS, but my connection has been very poor since January (communication lost for a few seconds several times a minute - yeah, it gets me killed a lot), but if I can get an updated rig and that blasted FioS connection fixed, I should be in good shape.
regular wasd keys
5 or 6 year logitect optical mouse (still runs like new minus random spasms...)
sensitivity 6-7 in dods

i tried a 360 controller for SW BF2 (too sensitive for my computer)
I use a Logitech MX Laser mouse and a Belkin Nostromo n52 game pad...
Verizon Fios connection and a lot of luck

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