favourite concept albums/rock operas

Does anyone else enjoy these? Concept albums are pieces that have a motif running through the music [Such as Pink Floyd's Dark side of The Moon being about what makes people go crazy]

Then there are rock operas, that are more advanced forms of a concept album, which have a motif, but instead tell a full story
[Such as Eldorado, about a man who ventures into a fictional world to escape his mundane life in his mundane and ugly city, and eventually he decides to stay in this world, believing it to be real.]

My favourites would probably be

The Wall
Pink Floyd's The Wall is awsome entertainment!!
Play the album "Dark Side of the Moon" on the second roar of the lion at the begining of "The Wizard of OZ" and the music works with the movie!! Seriously try it!!
BACH! MOzart beetoven (might have spelled that wrong),

for POlka: Slavko Avsenik (Slovenia's most popular classical polka artist)
System of a Down, And lots of Rock ! (a little hip hop too)

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