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I'm wondering if there is an issue with shooting an MG undeployed running around on Donner? Is this something a guy can do? Reason I ask is I have a G5 logitec mouse and I can set the sensitivity on the run and it works pretty good (or at least better) to shoot the mg undeployed when mouse sensitivity is high.

Just curious.


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yeah i do it when i need to :)


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I got 6 un deployed MG kills near the tank on Donner 2 nights ago. I just keep pulling my crosshairs down and I owned them all :)

I got a little secret to using it too ;p
haha ive played with some kids on other servers that have mastered the art of undeployed MGing, if you get good at it it really pisses ppl off cause it can destroy enemies :D


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cool, just wanted to make sure. Some servers don't like that, apparently.

As long as everyone isn't using a hack, there is no reason to restrict an undeployed mg. There is a way to kind of at least aim in front of you in a general way, by dragging the mouse towards you as you fire. The bullets will still spray everywhere, but a few will actually hit the target in front of you.

I only shoot undeployed when I go around a corner and find axis running towards me. Usually the Thompson gets me b4 I can score killing hits, so it doesn't happen often.
Few things make me want to kick a puppy like getting mowed down by some dude with an undeployed mg. Drives me crazy. The dang thing weighs in exess of 70 pound fully loaded and was a crew served weapon! Pleas, just shovel me, it hurts less.


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I love killing guys with an undeployed mg, I just hate how it lowers your stamina

same here