Where the Heck is WAKKA?!?!

Sorry guys, I got to play a whole ton wih most of you during Spring Break, but schoo's been hitting me pretty hard the last couple weeks. Here's my situation.

I only have 1 year left in my program, and I recently decided I want to go to Law School after I graduate. Therefore... I not only have to boost my GPA up a bit this semester (though my engineering degree should help me out a ton) but I also have to start studying for the LSATs. I'll try to be on from time to time, and I'm checking the forums regularly. Don't think I've just disappeared :p

In addition, I've gotten myself hooked on HL2 again (and probably HL2e1 after that). So, once I get done with those... I'll be right back to source! It'll probably only be a week or so.

So, if you're wondering why I've been less frequent I'm not sick or something, just feeling real life catching up to me a little bit :)