Spring Break


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So what's every1 gona do on spring break.
Mine doesnt start till April 9th and i am playing to go to my room and play DOD

I am also inviting my friend over for a sleepover and play non-stop Wii gagmes all night long.

So what are your plans?
I already had spring break, but I think im gonna come and play wii with you haha. If you havent tried it play wario ware, its so ridiculous and fun.
mine starts day after easter

I plan on a few lan parties, most of it with dods :)

I have like 5 ppl come over for these, its the ownage
well i go to a catholic school and we have already had so many days off (since christmas is a religious holiday, they give us more days off) but we only get easter off. so thats next thursday, friday, and monday. but after that there are no more holidays til summer :(( .anyway ill jus prolly be hangin out with my friends or playing dod, gmod, and css during the time off for easter.
My school year started late, so I dunno when spring break is, but I don't really ever have special plans for it. Maybe I'll finally get around to watching the Chronenberg movies I've gotten but haven't found the time to watch yet
mine also starts on April 9, my birthday..WOOT.. im just gonna sit in front of the computer and beat all the old cod games i have