Best Anti Virus / Spyware Program


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What are the best Anti-Virus and Spyware programs? If its free, could you also provide the link? I have old 2002 Norton Internet Security, and I found out that Anti-Virus programs thats 5 years old doesnt quiet work too well. :mad: :(
for spyware invest a little money in spyware doctor. i swear by that program. as for antivirus i havent found one that works up to my standards that nice and cheap.
I have the new Nortan and its pretty nice. It has spyware protection and it doesnt ask to allow programs to get to the internet anymore it just does it. I never have any virus or spyware when it runs the checks. I used to use a free spyware program called Search and Destroy, its works pretty nice. You can find it by searching it in google.
avast and spybot s and d w/ teatimer works great. along with adware personal se.

leave avast and teatimer running and use spybot and adware if you are trying to track something down.