I wish to do this!! The coolest thing ever!!!


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It is Script Ohio!!! sorry the video has bad sound and pic :( but you should get the idea of what happends

I wish to be the tuba player who gets to dot the "i" in Script Ohio.

they start out by marching in a different part of the line than the other tuba players and at the end the run out and dot the "i"
here is some facts about dotting the "i" from the OSUMarchingBand website:

Because of Script Ohio, sousaphone players from all over the country choose to attend Ohio State and try out for the band, just for a chance to dot the "i". Very few get the opportunity to dot, but those who do remember it forever...

The familiar kick, turn, and bow by the sousaphone player at the top of the "i" was an innovation introduced by Johnson at a game in 1938. "(The turn) was an impulse reaction when drum major Myron McKelvey arrived three or four measures too soon at the top of the "i"," Johnson explained, "so I did a big kick, a turn, and a deep bow to use up the music before Buckeye Battle Cry. The crowd roared when this happened, and it became part of the show thereafter."

Several prominent individuals and couples have been honored by being allowed to dot the "i". This is considered the greatest honor the band can give to any non-band person, and is an extremely special (and rare) event.

Band members and band staff have maintained that the privilege of dotting the "i" is 'Not For Sale' -- the tradition is reserved for sousaphone players and, on very special occasions, persons near and dear to the marching band, The Ohio State University and the State of Ohio.

it is the coolest thing ever!! (yeah i know i'm a band geek :) )
oh JMAN is taking it to the limit with this script Ohio, but Ohio rules!!! woot go OSU!!!!!!
wow this made me remember how much i dont like ohio hahah go BLUE!!!

Boooooo you have to stay an e now!!! jk April Fools :)
lol thats pretty cool. It looks amazingly hard when the lines cross. i wonder how many people got whacked in the face by a trumpet during practice!
i love how the crowd starts yelling and cheering just as the tuba player is ready to dot the "i" then he does a solo :)

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