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Howdy fellas :)

Sorry for not being around. Been driving around Texas for the past 7 days. I am finally at my parent's farm where I will have satellite internet. Satellite stinks, but it is better than no internet!

This weekend I saw some old high school friends that I haven't seen in 10 years. Reminsing is always fun. Not sure where the time goes....

Anyway, I will be around. I am going o DL rcon and xfire so I can chat with you guys in the game.

Right now, my Mom has fried up some catfish and we are going to eat some good old Texas cornbread and all the other trimmings that goes with fried catfish.

Tomorrow my dad is going to make me and Rashell work on a fence line. I hope I am the one driving the tractor and not doing the dirty work :(

Anyway, I am back, sort of !shy
I'm on my way John. Can't wait to help with those fence posts (don't hold me to that). Tell Grandma I want biscuits and gravy in the morning.

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