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Rogue Sniper

EGO Is My Life!
Some of you havent seen me on the servers much any more and this mostly is due to the fact my computer doesnt want to play DoDs for either i need more ram, better gphx card, or reinstall the game (way too long on a 56K). also the game freezes when connecting, it'll get to "recieving server info" and just die... and also freezes in middle of a game...

i'll continue to try and get on DoDS cause once every few days my computer will be nice to me

i'm still posting so im still here but not on the servers...
You need more than 1 gig of RAM....... i have 6 lol, i got 4gig at a gaming center that i now work at
yeah i know but right now i dont have the money :( im saving up for halo 3 (almost there) then gonna buy another 1gig of ram for 2 gb ftw
i envy you dye and ur 6gb gaming comp, so thats how you could always shoot me before i could shoot you lol
yah i havnt been on alot either i just cant find time but spring breaks coming up so ill be able to come on hopefully more then i have been
lol i look at the G15 and it tells you how much ram and cpu usage you are using up, i max out at about 23% of total ram being used lol

but anyways most likely im gonna have to reinstall DoD (ughh...) cause i tried to connect to other servers at it froze...

i got on donner today after 3 tries but after bout a minute or so my comp froze due to the game or a plug in on the server, i dunno but it'd be eaiser to reinstall but longer...

also might help if i get more ram to get xp 64 bit edition + scan my comp for ad/mal/spyware/viruses with 20 or so programs lol

dye are you running xp 64bit or vista?