Your favorite source for fake news

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Obey your master
(I could make this a poll but meh, they're getting WAY overdone)

What's your favorite fake news show:

A )The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
B )The Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert
C )The Daily Show with Craig Kilborn (old school)
D )Fox News
A) DS with Jon S.

he makes the news interesting so i acutally watch it OMG :O
now i kow wats happening around the world lol
Id have to say Colbert Report is my favorite for the shows, Tek Janson Alpha Squad 7 rules. But as for fake news internet sites check out the onion, these stories are completely ridiculous and entertaining. They upadate it all the time with new fake articles, I try to read one everyday, but sometimes i got to much work. Anyway check it out :)
I'd say i like watchin colbert report. I think putting Fox news is not a good choice.If its because of bias than i guess you can add CNN and MSNBC :)
This is a poliical free zone. You will make no friends here attacking conservatives or liberals. We are here to play a game, not comment on politics.

If you want to lose friends go ahead and show your left or right bias.
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