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I would like to pay my respects to the whole eGO family. I just joined the ranks of the =e= recruitments.
I'd like to share some links for your DOD:S enjoyment/improvement!

INsanes Ver 7 hud revamped : A new HUD that replaces the old default one. This new HUD significantly increased my FPS, due to its simplicity. It's very simple and small. It provides clearer and better vision. A must try if your computer isnt that great like mine! Get it here @ [linkl][/link]

New Skins, Crosshairs, Sounds and anything you can think of! If you want any custom add on look no more. Must for HL2 Junkie! GO to [link][/link]

Bam! there you go guys! Anyways time to get back to studying -_- exam time for engineer = death^2/exp(Eg/2kT)-1 lol alrighty then.

From the feared riflemen,

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EGO Is My Life!
thx i checked it out!!
be careful when downloading anything!!!!