Ughh Steam problems...


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Yeah try to open steam and it give me an error message.

"Steam network is temporarily unavailable. please try again later"

anyone else get this problem? if so how do i fix it...
Yeah occasionally just wait a bit and then restart steam
if its always then you might have to reinstall jsut the application its self

if its not always its cause the servers of steam are hitting their bandwidth limit
delete the .blob files before you do anything. its the best way to fix every steam related problem. if it doesnt work you will need a reinstall more than likely
ewww .blob files i remember back when my steam froze just starting up and had to delete those to fix it
horrible, horrible nightmares of not able to play any steam game
i had that outbreak and i had to stop playing and i got a new computer because i sold the other for 3x more then it was worth and we i tried steam again it worked
sorry outbreak someone told me when i had problems with it in 2005 and lost the conversation. just search ur comp for the blob files (easiest way)

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