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Not too much fo a sports-gamer. I play sports, but not on a TV screen. I'm waiting for a few games to come out, but there's already a whole thread on that.
I really dont play sports games either, but I do play soccer on a green grassy field. I play mostly RTS (realtimestrategy) and FPS (firstpersonshooters). If anyone else likes RTS they MUST GET DAWN OF WAR. and they must

Yeah I really don't play sports games, especially Madden. I really just don't like the game that much, now you hand me a Nintendo 64 and NFL Blitz and I will have at it, that game was awsome! :D:D:D:D:D:D
dude blitz 64 was a sick sick game. i love sports games i get sick of shooter games on a system unless its like a game on the com puter where u can play other people on the internet. the best sports games are def. football tho and golf is fun to most ppl hate it but its tons of fun. i play football and golf tho and i did play baseball too tho. and the besttttest games ever are the ncaa march maddness basketball games on playstation 2!
Naw son I would take Goldeneye over pretty much ANY SPORTS GAME on ANY system EVER. Blitz was fun, but I used to love playing a baseball game for the NES with my dad when I was like 3 and had no idea what I was doing. Good times.
haha ya man i used to always play baseball games with my dad when i was young but i do like goldeneye even tho the best shooter game ever on 64 was most def. PERFECT DARK i loved that game its so much fun
Maybe because it used the Goldeneye engine, lol. Perfect Dark is also one of my favs. It's pretty horrendous for the X360 though...the guns are too quiet and the gameplay is just blehhhhh...
Dude Nox, i used to love Perfect Dark. That was a great game. I remember the yellow bots and all the extra lvls you had to pass. Me and my friends used to play Goldeneye and PD all summer long...ahh the memories...
TONS of memories.....not only of those two games, but the entire system. Mario Kart, Mario Party 2, Vigilante 8 and Vigilante 8 2nd Offense ( <---LOVED those games), Starfox 64 (another favorite), and yes...even some of the Pokemon games. My god.....NOW I NEED TO DIG UP MY N64! !amazed
Those were good times. I'm so glad I still have my N64. I got that for my birthday instead of a Playstation. It was a good call since I bought PS games for my PS2 years later anyway. All the games mentioned are very fun games, even the Pokemon ones. I should probably play it today.
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