I won!

I have been gone for a little while. and here is my explanation...
I was at a Robotics Competition in Las Vegas. and we Won!
This was what the competition was about. We were given 6 weeks to build a robot to complete the task. Then we go to the regionals and compete with our robot against other teams. We won in Las Vegas and that means that we get to go on to the world championship in Atlanta Georgia. It will be Friday and Saturday the 13th and 14th. [link=http://robotics.arc.nasa.gov/events/2007_kickoff.php] this[/link] is the animation that explains the game that we are completing.


Here is a picture of our two robots. the one on the right is the one we actually competed with, the one on the left is our practice robot.

If anyone is going to be in Atlanta on those days send me a PM and I can give you the info about it and then we can meet maybe and you can help me cheer on my robot. It is a really fun event.


Here is a video of the second to last match of the Regional where we won... it is 40 MB just so you know, My team is team number1425 on the Red Alliance (the first ones to be introduced) they are the ones with the red hardhats, and my robot is the one with the flames on it.

congrats! !amazed ! GL on the worldchampionships
wish i could build a robot,like on t.v. were they tear each other to shreds lol
good luck just you know make sure the robots dont turn against you lol

Uhh... Too late...
[link=http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e130/RadioactiveCheese/finger.jpg]Not for the faint of stomach [/link]

@ Death:
There is a link to an animation that explains the challenge in my first post.

@ John Bonham:
We win a big trophy and probably scholarships.