vending machine in ava!????


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I was just playing on the ava server and threethings, first: i finally took a screenshot of that vending machine at teh axis's second in ava. WHATS UP WITH IT!!!!???

also, congrats to click4dylan for just signing up and there was just some funny conversation i copied

=(e)=Click4Dylan: hi chump
=(e)= CHUMP: got it dylan?
=(e)=Click4Dylan: yep i logged in and posted
=(e)= CHUMP: welcome to the family
=(eGO)=Kamakize Tommy: congrats you get a 24 hour ban
=(e)=Click4Dylan: thanks everyone
bob dole has joined the game
=(eGO)=Kamakize Tommy: now say bye

AND lastly, for those who have seen 300

console wars 300 style


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my friend asked that question and got kicked lol i was wondering the same thing though its kinda weird


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we should make it vend ammo AND nades...nades always come in handy at the 2nd

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That vending machine fits there :) Would be one to see someone go to it and press e and then get meleed :)
Nice 360 vid too.


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Kendle Put that in there?

Ya.....he mentioned it a couple of messages ago. Scroll up, you'll see it. Would be nice to rig it on this side of the fence and have it dispense ammo ;-) Someone else suggested it too.


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sweet idea kendle :)


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anybody know someone in our clan who can make a mod to vend ammo? that would be uB3r 1337

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can you put a little campfire with some marshmallow packs strewn about in the bombed out section of the church (where some allies like to, uhh, rest for long periods with the mg)?

--nice idea chump


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woot some ice cold beer!!from a vending machine. can it give me some dynamite? lol nice vid. coming never


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not my idea - dye's