New Sony DVD movies


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Heres my setup and problem. I have my computer hooked into my plasma tv for watching movies and such. I did use my xbox360 to watch movies on my plasma till it freakin died again! (its my third one) So I put in Casino Royal and my drive won't read it. I put it in my other drive and same deal. So next I fire up anydvd (removes copyright protection and region code) this usually works but this time something shut my anydvd program down! This Sony movie won't show up any either drive? Anyone having problems playing new Sony movies on their comps? I didn't get to watch Casiino Royal and had to watch 300 again-bummer.
sometimes dvd's dont work on computer becasue of the security on the DVD's tri anouther no sney DVD if it still deosnt work i have no clue

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