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Every time I join the 24/9 ava server, the germans are always outnumberd and almost always win?
Its weird, I never join and have the Americans open, I have to wait to join them....

*All this assumes teams are relatively even skill wise, people tend to think teams are even with mere numbers and I think this is a large mistake*

I think ava is more favored towards the germans in my humble opinion. They have two quick ways to exit their base, both being a good deals away from each other(the arch and the 2nd flag balcony). While the allies either have to go over the arch way into the apartments or go past their 2nd flag.

Thus, especially in the beginning of the round germans only need to focus on stoping them from coming into the middle from one point, while germans exit two different ways.

The germans can cover the church entrance with ease from their own base preventing most allies from making it there, so all the germans really need to do then is to control the large apartments which is easy to access from them if the church is covered by droping down from the balcony. On the other hand, the allies can only cover part of the middle from their little 2nd flag window not preventing the germans from going apartments or church, the germans can still hold the middle even if a good sniper/mg is in the window over the allied 2nd flag. Plus the allies have to fight uphill for the middle, giving a good axis sniper a jump into seeing a head pop into view before the allied soldier could actually see them.

Mindless grenade throwing is easy for germans on this map, making extremely difficult for the allied snipers to sneak out and tag the german snipers/mgs due to the impaired vision(trust me, countless deaths have been due to lame 5-10 damage grenades rocking my screen as I'm trying to snipe from that spot). If the allied snipers try to do it from the apartments or church, they'll always run the risk of being shot from behind as both are active spots for germans to use. Accessing the german snipers from the windows from their base usually proves more difficult than the apartments/church.
It's quite simple. I mostly agree with what Noyade said. First, numbers don't always matter. Even in the American Civil War this was true: few very skilled soldiers can devastate several shoddy, poorly armed soldiers (in this case it was Southern snipers vs. regular Federal infantry). In my opinion, that's only a small part though. It's also the easy access that the Axis have to the middle and the poor access the Allies have. It's a horribly designed map for a game with respawn. In CS it'd be fine and this is why. In real war this sort of thing just has to be done sometimes. You don't get to be like, "Man, that town is way to easy for our opfor to defend; let's just go on to the next city." The difference is that in real war no one respawns, so if you valiantly assault the town with sound tactics and a well armed team (like the Allies) you win just like the Allies can. Unfortunately, in DoD the enemy respawns right on the battlefield so you have to keep that amazing effort up. Again, unfortunately, you can't! Again, as I always say, I HATE THE DEVS!!!!!!

There's another reason avalanche is so easy for the Wermacht to defend: they have all the high ground. All of the Allied positions are looked down on by the Axis. The only good sniper position (meaning it's hard for the enemy to flank it) for the Allies is looked down on by one of the good Axis sniper positions. Oh did I mention that my favorite Axis sniper position also looks right at it as well so that it ends up having to great sniper positions looking right at it. Waffle is so off on this. I don't really know how he does better sniping as an Ally. The positions for the Axis are way better. Nevermind that the church tower is so easy to capture and then you have another great sniper position looking right down at the Allies' street. The DEVs have successfully designed the most heavily imbalanced map I have ever seen in pretty much any game. Good work fellas. They are so lucky this game is still fun to play. Rant over! Now you know why Axis always win.
That answers the second part of my question, but the first part still remains. Why are the germans always outnumbered when I join. If i want to be american I have to wait for a slot. Shouldnt people want to be on the winning team leaving the americans less people? Oh, yes... and,

I've only had once maybe twice where the germans were the larger side. And I do come to that server quite a bit. Also I do try to convince others (if you havent noticed) that they should

Oh my god those were two big posts by Mossad and Noyade o_O I pooped mah pants :D Oh yeah and about the teams, its cause this map is rigged in favor of teh germanzzzz!!!! :D
ya i always thot that it was in favor of the germans they have easier exits from their base and they have a wayy bigger base they have 3 good sniping or machine gun spots not including the one above their second flag while the allies simply have that one in the window where ur pretty vunerable to any of the axis snipers i prefer sniping no avalanche myself. :)
Yeah well personally I hate sniping on german, they have alot of hiding spots but they onl have a small field of view, I prefer to expose myself a little more to get a better view of the field, more targets for me to shoot :D
ya more targets to kill always makes it more interesting. one good thing about sniping on allies is i think their sniper rifle is tonsss better then the axis its alot more shaky but still i like being axis as sniper. now if im not sniper i like to be support for the allies now thats where the fun is at!
Let's face it. People like being German. Nothing like shouting "SCHNELL! AUF MACCHEN DU SHARPSCHUTZE! SIE SCHLIEBEN AMERICANS!" with a K98 waiting to pop an unsuspecting Yank in the eye.
Wow, waffle, I'm glad you haven't expressed interest in being in the military :) Just kidding, but exposing yourself as a sniper is terrible. Sniping/countersniping is all about concealment (not as much in DoD) and if you really wanna spot ur targets that's what zipping out real quick is best for. Then once you know where they are u go sighted and snipe out of those little holes where they have very little of you to shoot at. I often kill people, including you, before you can even fire because I spot you before you see me and then wait till you notice me and try and slide out and nail you before you can see more than my arm/leg.
Chief, it's far more fun to sit next to the fountain with the sniper rifle waiting for an opposing team member to stick their head out somewhere. The only problem with this is that you're constantly being rocked grenades, which is bad news for the sniper even if they don't die to them.
I like to be the germans cause it's easier to capture flags for them in my opinion. Bad with every weapon in both sides, so meh ^^
ya chief is right id much prefer sniping in concealment less chance of dying and if i wanted to be out in the open i which just get some assault or support weapon. plus its funny to me when no one knows where u are but ur constantly lighting them up.
Another thing to do while sniping...AIM. I was MGing the plaza for about 10 minutes. Suddenly a sniper bullet wizzed by my head...and another...and I had 3 bullets left. Shot them, FULLY RELOADED, and killed the sniper. He either had VERY bad aim or VERY bad luck.
Aye I agree with noyade, while I don't take it to his extreme sniping is much funner when you expose yourself more. Sure you can sit in a little hole and wait for someone to wander into your sights but that could be a while, I prefer to walk out into the open while scanning for enemy's and then proceed to kill anyone I see. I do hide in spots sometimes, but I prefer spots with a wider range of view :D:D
When me and Blazing Heat were trying to get the server going, we had a snipers-only match between me and him and two other people. The catch: no scopes! It was hella fun no-scoping people and feeling all cool and powerful lol. I also had the longest-range kill no-scoped :D
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