I recently signed up for the Ego forum, and I am interested in joining Ego. Bigdaddy asked me to post information about myself -- here it is.

I used to play DoD beta and other versions several years ago, but quit for a while to focus more on school. Recently, I've had more free time and started playing again. Though it isn't the same, I wouldn't play any other FPS. I prefer making caps and teamwork to high kd ratios... though I don't mind both...

I am a 20 year old college student living in Dallas Texas. I go to the University of Texas at Arlington where I am a junior EE major.

Thanks for your consideration,
if u can try to post this in johnt's recruiting office plz. but anyway welcome to eGO!!! its about time man, you kill me all the time on donner :(
I enjoyed gaming with Aquafresh last night. Put that =(e)= on and we'll all get to know you better.
I have seen you alot, good player you are, Welcome and hope to see you around some more :)
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Sorry for posting in the wrong spot, but I couldn't figure out how the forums worked. Hope to see you guys in the servers,


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