juturna is tite yo!

A Skylit Drive

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ok so i was playing tonight with him me and saosin for a hecka long time on his two maps he made and they are hecka insane!!!!!!!!!!
ummm they were both like in the woods maps one was hecka sick it had trees everywhere and a sweet river with huge rocks that you could go on and a mill you could go on.
but hes still working on the finnishing touches.
i've played 1 similar to that except there was a lake instead of a river and caves and stuff. those are pretty neat, although i cant find the server again lol
well jutu told me how to make a lan server then i can type something into console and make it an internet server!!!!!!!
so tonight sometime ill make the server and you guys can go to his maps if you want to...
Sweet, give me the ip :) It's probs because of timezone somewhere around 9 in the morning here...so I might not make it 'tonight'

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