The future of eGO

I have only been here for a short time. I only had to play on a few different servers to realize that this was the best. I was lucky, I came in after the second server was added. I'm sure that by now, you guys know that adding the second server was a good idea.
So, what does the future hold for eGO? Do you guys have any plans? Are you planning more servers? I have no idea what costs are involved in building and maintaining a sever.
In any event, I have no problem kicking a little each month to continue enjoying the level of gameplay that I am now.

Keep up the good work everyone...
JohnT wants another server right now, but right now I am one of the few admins who do.

Everyone else takes into consideration that we need to maintain good admin coverage on our current servers and continue to build our reputation and stock of professional admins before we take on another one.

And servers are expensive. We are paying $2.15 a slot and we are running 2 32 slot servers.

Monthly bill for servers is $137.60
Add 10 dollars a month for the website and the total montly expense is:


To add another server would be $2.15 x 32 or another 68.80 a month.
ill be willing to give some mooney every month for another server.
but your rite about the admin coverage because i go on all the time when theres just an =(eG)= or not even that.
John, you come back from holidays and you'r full of beans! :p

Here are a few points to consider for a 3rd server:

1) Cost. Donations tend to end/stabilize after a certain amount of contributions, if not drop off entirely.
2) Admins will be diluted across three servers instead of two
3) Kendle is only one guy, he would have to tech support 3 servers
4) And the biggest point....if you have 3 servers, you'll want 4 :D

Bottom line is that this started out as a hobby and you were able to populate your "universe" and it is by and large, self-sustaining. You have personal friends in with you, plus other individuals that have proved to be trustworthy and have been made senior admins; i.e. council/advisors. So, that being said, the bottom line is cost, effort, management (admins) and finances.

If you could find a way to make this venture tax-deductable, it would probably be ok, but you'd still have the admin coverage and quality of admin issue.

Also remember that Rashell comes home every day, packing, and it's not a good idea to get your friend and partner, Art in trouble :)
Yeah, it would be quite difficult to run 3 servers, but if we can pull it off with no negitive effect, why not
Yeah, it would be quite difficult to run 3 servers, but if we can pull it off with no negitive effect, why not

...ummmm... money?
Well, since today is my first day back in LA and back in the Office in 2 weeks, I am playing the lotto as soon as I can go to lunch.

I might buy 10 lotto tickets! If I win, I think we will get at least 1 more server ;)
4) And the biggest point....if you have 3 servers, you'll want 4

I <3 that quote ! and, its true, lol.

But, seriously you have to admit. You guys have done pretty well with something that just started out as a hobby. There have been many times when I have tried to log on both servers during I guess peak times and have had to wait till someone was booted.
yeah we added Donner 4 months ago and its running very well, its in the top10 alot and fills up fast. but i don't think we have enough admins yet for a 3rd server.
Donner is an exellent map for a source server. A third one would also need to be a map with high demand that people would look for on a server list and flock to. Usually this means what I call an Attention Deficit Disorder map like Avalanch or the old Flash. When I was a member of the GEEK clan I would have to change maps in our rotation with a vote everytime Charlie or Chemille would come up in rotation due to an exodus of fellow nerds emptied the server. Something to consider.
i don't think we have enough admins yet for a 3rd server.

"110 active admins"
The problem is that a lot of the admins love playing the map they're on, and it's a little community in itself. I would be willing to spend a few months a new server admining and trying to get it full, but it depends on if other admins are willing to follow and have the time to put into that commitment. In addition, we'd needa a commitment from =(e)='s to help move over as well. All of this is aside from financial concerns.
yeah a 3rd server would be good, but we could get another techie, dont know about the money, and the time differences really mess things up, so people are on at different times. I want yo help art, if only i knew all that techie stuff. :D
Since I'm the one designated to bug people about money....

There is a PayPal link on the News page that shows our monthly bill due and where we stand at present. Many have donated, all are appreciated and others are encouraged.

How did I do John?
I am ging off to camp this summer, we get payed minimum wage for doing hard trail work, i would be both willing to populate the server and make monthly donations. I wouldnt mind contributing some of my time for the better of the =(eGO)= family
Just wondering if we can have more than 32 people on our current servers, anyone here who plays battlefield knows what i mean, if we can do that, i have np throwing my money over the Atlantic, plus i might be able to donate more cos of the current economy. You get more dollors for the pound. So if we can do this I will be more than happy to Donate! :D