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I just purchased a new computer for my wife.
Has anyone transferred programs from an old computer to a new one?
It largely depends on what programs you want to transfer. I can tell you this much, steam is fully transferable between computers, including all installed games. Just share a drive over a network and its as easy as dragging and dropping. I know World of Warcraft is also transferable. The main problem with this is generally file dependencies. Most programs, when you install them, make symbolic links to a number of files. For the most part it is generally better to just reinstall the program, rather than make these symbolic links your self. There are other constituents as well for just copying over programs from one computer to another. Basically there is no harm in trying, just goto the programs directory and start copying files :) Hope this helps, and please feel free to PM about any other problems you have while transferring programs/settings/files.
To late... the system comes preloaded.... so far so good...The only game, Brooke plays, is the system hog Secound Life... The computer motors right on thru.. 5200 x2 with 2 gegs ram, 500 gb hd... still running the onboard video... Looking at video cards now... nothing worth installing in Tampa or local.. did find a Microsoft transfer program.. beta... some programs didn't make it, Garmin GPS and some junk progs...
Yea thats the one thing I actually forgot to mention. There are programs out there that attempt to figure out these dependenices for you. However you just saw for your self how well it worked :) Lol yea unfortunately those programs never work well :( Ah well for the most part you seem to be having a good time with it......sooooooo cheers on the new PC!! xD
It was the progs and the data that was in them... looking for a short cut... did have to load from orignal disks... still bummin
what is 5200 x2? Geforce FX 5200 in SLI?! ... I'm sure that either I'm misunderstanding or you typed in differently. Not even 7200, 5200, or 6200 support SLI and there is no point getting them because a 5900 or 6600 would even beat both of them and cutting the prices at the same time
If you have a router you could set up a small network and make folders shared and and then transfer the files you want that way. Its easy and pretty quick.


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