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I'm not sure if it goes here or technical support and if this has already been posted or not, but anyways...

Does any1 know how to create different skins for the in-game players. Like, b4 i played on eGO, i played on a server called the Third Reich and each admin on TR had a special outfit for all the charcters, like a different shirt or the Symbols of the team on helmet and the back of the shirt. I was wondering if any1 knows about this.
AFAIK you can reskin the models that are in the day of defeat source files, i know there was a craze of photoshopping skins for the weapons a while back. So I would assume the process is more or less the same, but on a larger scale. I think Blazing Heat was one of the people who was doing loads of reskinning so let's ask him.
There are plenty of downloadable skins for the player models out there. Here's one of the better known sites:

Some good stuff on there. Worth a look.

Now, if you want to learn how to skin yourself get a copy of PhotoShop OR a comparable program (I used Gimp back in my skinning days) and Google "skinning tutorials". I will say this; I was skinning CS weapon models for a few years and got semi-good at it, but I never finished a full player skin. To do them righ it takes a lot of homework.
Yeah, I reskins stuff, did it for outfits etc, but haven't had time to test the outfits yet, only weaps. If you want to reskin you should get Adobe Photoshop or Corel PaintShop Pro, download GFCSpace and VTFEdit. I can help you in xfire, so add me. And I can give you the links to a tutorial and the downloads.
Just FYI when you install skins only you can see them. For the admin skins you're talking about to be seen by all players they (the compiled skin and player model) need to be installed on the server itself, then everybody dowloads them when the log on, which can take some time.
Yeah but make sure you arnt skinning models to use a aimbot for little sneaker

lol darn dye u caught me lol *being sarcastic if u guys dont get it*
I've seen guys skinning the head of the models primary colours completely, just so they can improve their headshots...Shame on them!

P.S. If anybody knows where I can find those models, please don't hesitate to contact me (joke).

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