What's in a name

You notice a lot of different and sometimes odd names playing FPS'.
Some are just annoying, like a few of the ppl that have been banned lately. But, then there are some pretty unique names right here in the clan.

Me? My real name is Jonny and Zero has always been a nick name. I used to have an underground record and cd store here in New Orleans called "Jonny Zero".

So, where did you get your game name from?
if anyone has ever heard of everquest i did a ramdomized name and thats how i got Wolen
Mine's not very unique but I've had it since I started playing my first rounds of TFC WAY back in the day.

masterofpuppets - track 2 off of Metallicas 3rd album, "Master of puppets". My brother gave me a Master of puppets tape 10 years ago and I've been a hardcore Metallica fan ever since. Even have their ninja star logo tattooed on my back. This song changed it all for me.

It's always been masterofpuppets. No caps, no spaces. Everyone always calls me "master" or "mop" for short.
sharpshooter got this game before me and his name was tman so i guessed i just did JMAN to be like him and my real name is Jake and i'm a man :)
Well mines pretty self explanatory, i wanted bucsfan as a sn or aim many years back but it was taken and it sugested to use bucsfan148 so i used that and i havnt used a different name since then.
Bucs means the Tampa Bay Buccaneers not the OSU Buckeyes i live in Florida and i am a diehard Florida fan and it agravates me when people think it stands for Buckeyes

there ya' go
got my name from sorta of a idol of mine,his name was acid and he taught me everything bout counter strike which i reverted to day of defeat ,he quit and moved onto online poker !sad !sad
so just used name in honor of my retired "master" !amazed
well my names from the band saosin and their cd was my favorite at the time i joined so i just kept it
A car that was in the newspaper on the desk in front of me. shoulda though that one through a bit more with all the comic book people that play video games.
Thai = im thai

phob = my friends always called me a FOB even though i spoke English better than them. someone had the AIM name thaifob so i spelled it differently

= thaiphob :D
Well, I'm a HUGE fan of reggae music, and one of the legends of the genre is a guy named Lee Perry. This dude is completely insane, literally (us fans like to call it a "divine madness", as he's also a complete musical genius), and he has quite a few nicknames: Super Ape, Scratch, and The Upsetter being the most widely known.

Also, I love it when people tell me that I'm upsetting them. :D
Dye = PB company
Matrix = Model of a pb gun they make.

Why Dye? I was forced to use their name because at one point i was sponsored by them
sharpshooter got this game before me and his name was tman so i guessed i just did JMAN to be like him and my real name is Jake and i'm a man :)
No way xD Heh he...jk.

I was just playing cs:s one sunny day and it was hot...well...only 25 degrees...and at that time I was making up names by the weather. For example rainbringer, shadowsteeler, etc.
And it was hot and I just typed Blazing Heat, and next day I had DoD:s :)
basically John Bonham = best drummer ever :D . wer is this cd store zero? is it still up? i usualy go to the mushroom (uptown) for rlly rare cds.

OMG, the Shroom!. Best place to find treasures if you like digging. I have found so many rare and oop CDs there in the day. I have not been there since Katrina so I am not even sure iif they are open. Although, it was a mess before the hurricane so it prolly still is.

I was on Magazine St. I was closed way before Katrina. I will be re-opening it soon for internet sales only. Mostly Goth/Industrial and underground type stuff.

My RL name is Douglas and I got the nickname Duggles from a few of my friends. The 3 exclamation marks are from when I played my first online game (Day of Defeat) and I surprisingly whooped everyone's behind with the Springfield and one guy shouted "Duggles!!!". It just stuck after that.