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I just had a minor opperation on my hand so i wont be playing for a bit because i cant click and it hurts to move that hand. It doesnt sound that bad but it was on my palm and the guy went so deep you can see the tendon for my middle finger which is kinda wacked out.

So ill be back when im back but have fun without me

Cya in a few days.
thanks all and dye thats a good idea ill have to try and this is taking me so longto type becuase i cant feel where my fingers are lol
Bucs, I think some DoD would be good for your rehabilitation. (I'm not a doctor, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.)
Pvt. John Bonham said:

thats a good idea for 1 of those commercials art LOL

thats a great idea, get someone in specte. to shoot it, other clan members talkin about dod, then send to the news........woah this could get big :D
Use your toes