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Hello all! just found my way to the forums (thanks deadpool :p ) and just wanted to say hi. i go by tuck'n'role(CHS) on the servers, ive played with a few (just a few... !mistrust ) of the =(eG)= and =(eGO)= guys, and i have to say, i love the servers and the people, they make ya feel welcome any time, and when you need help figuring stuff out, they help as much as they can before they get frustrated with a noob like me :p ive only been playing DoD for less than a month, so im still workin on it, but i was referred to your servers by deadpool, as i knew him back from another clan in another game. anywho..good to play with ya guys, and i'll be on more for your murdering pleasures 8)
?!?!?!?!? What I dun even know you :p Na yeah he's kewl guy.. bout time he registered and posted up :D Oh btw He is a post whore lol.. just fair warning :D Good to see ya again my brother :D
i am not a post whore...i only had 1985 posts in 9 months on the other forum...shh...youre making me start already...2 posts..o.o;
Any friend of Deadpool's is a friend of ours. Try on the =(e)= tag and let's see how it fits.
not to sound mean, shouldnt this be in the recruitment office? oh well, welcome i saw you in game, you are a "kewl" guy :)
wow i wasnt even applying for an =(e)=, i was just saying "Hi"; but thank you!!! I just quit a clan less than a month ago, so im takin it slow for now on the clan part (no offense to any of you guys, love the servers :D ), but hopefully the offer will stay when i decide im ready for another clan :) look what youve gotten me into deadpool :p lol. In any case, thanks for the welcomes, and the invites lol. i'll see ya guys on the server!! :D
You're not exactly "in"....let me explain how it works.

Registering on the server means you are interested in the clan. By registering and posting, we get to know you a little more as well as your gameplay on the server. After registering, a player is invited to put an =(e)= tag with their in-game nick.

Being an =(e)= is like an "r" on some servers, you are a "recruit" and clan members will be noticing you and evaluating you on your maturity and attitude. How good a dod player you are is a distant third in terms of evaluation. Anybody can be come a good player, but a bad attitude and maturity can sink the best player from joining the clan.

So... are you "in" ? Not yet, but you may be invited if you fit the above criteria. It is totally up to you,

That being said, welcome to the server and we will all enjoy shooting, nading, knifing and shoveling you...and of course having it done to us in turn :p

While you are on the forums, have a look at the "stickies" in the different forum areas, they give info on rules, gameplay, techie stuff and general info - they are sort of like an aggregate FAQ.

Have fun!

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