VAC problem?

Ok i got on this morning to check out the ava server, was doing good until i was kicked and this message came up having to do with VAC security... i was like what the heck! ~:( tell me if any of you guys have had this problem. thxs
hugo maximus !lol


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Probably all those hacks you have for sniping (joke)

Seriously, open up settings in steam and check your VAC status.

What did the message say (word-for-word please)


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This happened to me a couple of weeks ago. If the steam server is down or DNS has changed then that message will appear. Give it a while and try again.


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[quote1176329184=Hugo Maximus]
ok thx bud

So does that mean you'll take off the transponder and glowing target that appears on my forehead when you join the game? :p


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yeah i was about to say that i had a little update from steam also