Pestering players for favored weapons

Tonight on Donner this behavior was persisting for more than 45 minutes. A constant begging by some players and at least one =e= who I will not name for the use of a sniper rifle from the two that posessed it. Along with the complaining for the rifle there was also a steady stream of insults directed at the players such as 'you suck, give it up' and others in a similer vein. Is this condoned by the admins and should I not bring this up again?
If somebody has a sniper rifle, it is theirs to use, regardless of their level of skill. If you do not want to give it up, as you may have waited for it for a while or you're new to the game and you want to practice or whatever, you should not be badgered into giving it up. Just because someone says they're better doesn't really make it so and the snipers are there for anybody to use. The behavior is frowned upon by the admins. This doesn't mean that people can ask *nicely* for the rifle, but when insults are thrown into the mix, it's no longer tolerated.

There have been instances in the past where I've seen this before and I'll say the same thing as everyone else has said, play fair, respect your fellow players and (if all else fails) ask in a kind manner.
My first night playing on a eGO server, there were people doing that, begging for sniper etc. There was a new and obviously young guy playing sniper. At least 2 people were harrassing him to give up the rifle because he was not that good at it. That's when Artimus stepped in and said "this is a first come, first serve server and that guy could play sniper untill he was tired of it". I never tried another server ater that night. I think that policy rocks as it reminds us that we are all here to have fun.
I see this alot. Probably the time it annoyed me the most is when I had just barely got a hold of a sniper rifle and the guy started whining ['Hey Mr. 1 kills 11 deaths, can I have the sniper rifle now?'] and he did this 3 or so more times till I just let him have it. Occasionally I have asked if someone would free a sniper or an mg, but if it hasn't happened after I've asked, then I just wait till the person leaves or changes on their own.
The way I deal with this situation is to say it is first come first served and they can wait or try another server. If they keep doing it, they are kicked.

Also, about =e='s. They are recruits and we hold them to a higher standard than non-e's. When I see =e='s get out of line, I admonish them by saying that it will not further their chances of joining the clan. It usually works.

Feel free to kick =e='s or even eG's any time you want if they break the rules. As long as you have warned them, the log will be your witness.
get a support and just pick the sniper off of the ground then you have sniper + 2 nades :)

yup, what i do, get a rocket, have a sniper and a carbine for my setup
I agree with Blazing Heat, unless the person using the weapon is not doing very well in combination with not moving ahead with the team to get objectives. At that point that person should be persuaded to use a diff weapon. :)

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