Linkin Park is finally back...


EGO Addict
Their new single - What I've Done

They're finally back after like 3 years, about time if you ask me, but i think its too late, they sound REALLY different (yeah i know, im just judging from one song). I loved LP a couple years ago, not sure how if ill like them again though :( ...just posting to see what others are thinking about them
Damn they have been gone for long time... I remember when I work at a concert they played at. There bodygaurds are cool. Some of them are a littl stuck up. Personal opinion. Still think they make good music though can't deny that.
They all died in a car accident three years ago. It took this long to get the androids perfected.

...of course everyone knows that Mick Jagger was the first prototype android and has been running for a good number of years without problems. Apparently he choked on a fatburger and bourbon milkshake 15 years ago.....but that's only a rumour.
linkin parks new CD is labeled "minutes to midnight" and will be released may 15.

so yeah this song is a little bit softer than i expected. but if you look at their previous CD's, their singles are usually not the best songs on their cd's.

for example,

In the End, first single for Hybrid Theory, not their best song, kinda soft

Somewhere I belong, first single for Meteora, not the best song on the CD, on the softer side.

so it seems that they have a trend that they follow. i can only hope. but from what ive heard they had over 100 tracks total and chose the best 17 out of those for "minutes to midnight".

another song that might be on their new cd is called "QWERTY" search for it online and download it, it should be a live version but its still amazing. its kinda hardcore for linkin park, but its still awesome...

oh yeah, im pretty much linkin parks number 1 fan... been to 2 concerts own every cd and even joined the fan club one year... thinking about getting a tatoo...
I tried to Hard! And got so far! But in the End, it doesnt even matter! I had to fall to loose it all!! But in the End it doesnt even matter!! Dun dun dun dun dun dun, dundudndun dun dun dun dun
With that said outbreak, whats your favourite song? I personally like "Nobody's Listening" for the number one spot, "Lying From You" a close second. I hope this album is as good as Meteora.
see those are some great choices trihard. i really like faint and nobody's listening. i also like a bunch of reanimation songs.

oh yeah by the way DyeMatrix you got the lyrics wrong. the correct lyric is "I tried so hard, and got so far" not "i tried to hard, and got so far"

Yeah the lan partay was fun alex, wow its weird calling you alex. Yeah really only 6 working computers but we still had fun.
LP is okay, my friend things their songs are about african-americans, then again is hes a bit on the weird side
wtf? their songs are not about african-americans, wow thats weird. But like i said above their new single may not be that great, but their other singles weren't that great either. so im hoping that the other songs pull the weight of the CD.
I've heard that all the tracks on "minutes" would be all "good charlotte"-like like "what i've done" is. and that they were moving away from both metal and hip hop. hope not :(